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    Host Not Hosting!

    We have 2 computers at home - 1 with Windows XP Professional and the other with XP Home Edition - we networked the two together; Originally, the XP Pro was set up as the Host computer with Internet Sharing; however, the modem died last week; we thought the easy fix was to switch roles of the computers since the other one has a perfectly good modem that was sitting idle. So, we went through the mechanics of changing the good modem machine to be the host and change the dead modem machine to be a client. Initially, the connection indicated it had limited acitivity or no connection; wrestling with that for a while, we forced IP addresses and the two machines connected fully - sort of. From the dead modem machine, I can access files on the good modem machine but not vice versa even though file sharing was selected. I decided that perhaps permissions needed set at the folder level so I went in and shared folders in particular; still didn't fix it - so we turned off Windows Firewall on both machines (a big no-no but we had to try) and that still didn't fix it. Additionally, we've never gotten the internet connection to share and we figure is isn't going to share unti we can figure out why the good modem machine can't access files on the bad modem machine.


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    Re: Host Not Hosting!

    A few questions:
    1. I assume you have set up a workgroup? If so, does the bad machine appear in the workgroup when viewed on the good machine, or can it only see itself?
    2. Can you ping the IP address of the bad machine from the good machine? What are the IP settings for each (address, gateway and subnet mask)?
    3. Is the connection wired or wireless? If wired, does it go via hub/switch or do you use a crossover cable/?
    4. I assume File and Printer sharing is enabled on both?
    5. Do you have any other firewall software on either machine that might be interfering? (if not, I would say that was more of a no-no than turning off the Windows firewall.)
    6. Have you gone too far to put things back the way they were and simply swap the modem across?

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