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    Pack and Go with Hyperlinks (PPT 2002)

    We have a PPT Presentation that we are going to use with pack and go. However our hyperlinks are set to files on our S drive and when we pack and go it doesn't recognize them. We have about 50. is there an easy way to change all hyperlinks to the C drive or do we have to do each one individually?

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    Re: Pack and Go with Hyperlinks (PPT 2002)

    I wrote a macro to "relativize" links to images in a file, and I suspect it would be possible to do the same thing with hyperlinks.

    In the case of images, PowerPoint does not let you change the link to something invalid, so you actually need to set up the files in the proper relative relationship association (e.g., subfolder under the folder containing the PPT file) before trying to remove the drive and other higher path information from the links.

    (Unfortunately, my code is on a different computer, so if I haven't posted it before, it will take me a while to retrieve it.)

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