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    Import Specification Problem (Access 2002)

    I am having trouble with an import spec for a *.txt file.

    I have set up the spec to import the file using Fixed Width fields that I have set up. I will only import some of the fields that I create. I am then using code to import the data into a table. I get an error message which says "Text File specification field separator matches decimal separator or text delimiter" then the code bugs out without importing.

    My Code is as follows (standard stuff)

    DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, "01_Daily_Balances_Spec", "Tbl99_Balance_Upload", O:99_Downloads03_ACCOUNT_BALANCES.csv", False, ""

    Any ideas what is happening and how I need to fix it?

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    Re: Import Specification Problem (Access 2002)

    A .csv file is a comma delimited file. Why are you treating it as a fixed width file?

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