When I compose an important message I set the followup flag. But I find that unless I mark a copy to myself (so that the message is in my inbox)I do not get
reminded. I do not want to clutter up my inbox. So I used Rules Wizard as follows to get these messages into the Tasks folder:

Apply this rule after I send a message
Marked as High Importance
Flag Message for Followup in 3 days
and Move a copy to the Tasks folder.

This works fine for messages I compose but if I reply to or forward a message with the High Importance flag already set, it also goes to the tasks folder. There is no exception in the Rules Wizard to handle this situation.

What I need is the capabilty to set the Followup Flag to messages I send (only) without having to send them to my inbox. In short, I need the capabilty to be
reminded from the Sent Items folder. Is it possible or is there an alternate?