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    I need to change the Username that shows up in Comments in Excel and the Last Saved By property of Word, for example. I assume this was set when Office was originally installed. I have tried reinstalling and I have checked the Registered Owner in Win 98 to no avail.

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    I believe that information comes from Word/Office itself, not the operating system. In Word 7.0, go to Tools, Options, User Info. In Excel 7.0, go to Tools, Options, General, and look under User Name. Subsequent versions of Office should be similar in this regard.
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    Hey, thanks for asking that question Linda and thanks for your answer Gary. With my double last name those little comments in Excel were always really long but I had never taken the time to figure out how to change it other than actually typing over what Excel automatically filled in (rather defeating the purpose of the feature!). Now in a twinkling of an eye it's fixed to just insert my initials
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