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    Disk versus flash

    Can anyone tell me how the read and write speeds of a miniature external hard drive like the ARCdisk (1-inch Hitachi inside) (UK importer hasn't a clue!) compare with those of USB flash drives (eg 2GB Corsair Flash Voyager = 9.2MB/sec (read) 15.3MB/sec (write)? Also, are the flash drives more robust than their mechanical disk equivalents?

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    Re: Disk versus flash

    Without a controlled test, it is extremely difficult to determine what transfer rates you would get on reading and writing any form of disk. There are so many factors involved (file size, rotational speed, cache size, and so on). I wouldn't have thought the "claimed" "maximum" speed of the USB2 interface would be a limiting factor!

    The rotational speed of the ARCdisk found by doing a quick bit of Googling is 4200 rpm, but information about the drive geometry would be needed to determine a data transfer rate (or somewhere which actually states it!).

    USB flash drives vary somewhat in performance, according to some tests I read a year or so ago. The number of read and write operations is limited, but large, as far as I can recall. Here is a recent article -- see near the end for read and write speeds, which depend heavily on file size.

    Whether the ARCdisk is faster than a USB flash drive, or vice versa, I couldn't say. How much does it matter to you? How often do you want to use it? Is it important that a data transfer operation takes one minute rather than two, say?

    Personally, I would be quite happy dropping a "non-mechanical" USB flash drive, but I would imagine that you could do this to an ARCdisk only a few times before total mechanical failure. This number of times could be as few as one...

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