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    Suggestions For Organizing Business Packets (Office 2003)

    I wonderd if anybody has any organizational suggestions for storing mutiple documents in one document. Just like Excell will allow you to store multiple worksheets in one spreadsheet.

    I have a bunch of "packets" that I run my business operations off of. One example of this is the "New Hire" packet. The front of this packet contains a checklist of all of the forms and procedures that need to be completed everytime a new person is hired. Then behind the sheet, is the packet of all of these forms.

    Well I'd like to find a better way to store all of these items. The best solution I have which would be perfect is how Excel is setup with the different worksheets. I could have the first worksheet be the checklist, and the corresponding be all of the forms. I could easily find forms to edit, not print whatever. In fact, I have been serioulsy been thinking of converting a lot of my packet's from Word to Excel for this reason. Its a lot of work and I know that is not what Excel is designed for so I don't fee that great about this approach. I'm hoping there is an alternative in some other software, or even better is a way to have mutlips files stored in one file in Word.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Suggestions For Organizing Business Packets (Office 2003)

    The company I work for sells a product that is used to capture knowldege and organize standard procedures. See Zavanta Features for more information.


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    Re: Suggestions For Organizing Business Packets (Office 2003)

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