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    Office XP Killed Office 2000's Help on the Web?

    Help on the Web is an integral, an much advertised, part of Office 2000.
    Launch Excel 2000 and ask the internal Excel Help a question like "How can I break links to other files".
    Assume you don't find what you need in the Excel internal help - which I didn't.
    At the bottom of the options list, is the choice to seek help on the web - from Microsoft's sites.
    Prior to the release of Office XP, when I clicked on the Send and Go To the Web choice, I would be taken to a Microsoft site and directly to a Microsoft technote describing the issue/resolution, or generally to technotes or tips or other Microsoft files related to the specific topic. Sometimes the file that appeared was right on the money. Pretty slick.

    Not any more!

    Since the release of Office XP, when I click on Help on the Web, it tells me the page I'm trying to find has been moved and dumps me to <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> and the Knowledge Base isn't even an option on this page.

    Remember, when the user elects to select Help on the Web, the user is not seeking a specific web page or URL, Microsoft is directing the user to their own topic-related web pages - or should.

    Surely this is a big OOOPS on Microsoft's part and surely they have something to say about it.

    Note: Prior to and since the release of Office XP, I have not reinstalled either Office 2000 or MS Internet Explorer. I can't think of anything internal to my system that would cause this. Only that Microsoft has completely revamped their web site for Office XP and abandoned their Office 2000 users.

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    Re: Office XP Killed Office 2000's Help on the Web?

    <img src=/S/bash.gif border=0 alt=bash width=35 height=39>

    When you get redirected, about the middle of the page is a hyperlinked heading that says "Get Help Using Office Products" and from the page that pops up, There is a box on the right-hand side (clip attached). If you follow the Product support link, you'll see a familiar page.

    Certainly not the easy, nor is it context sensitive. Much easier to follow your IE Favorites or Link to the KB, huh? <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>
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