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    bookmarklets: summary

    The follows summarizes the concept of bookmarklets (, putting them within existing context:

    Bookmarklets are simply anchors (hyperlinks) using "javascript" protocol rather than "http", "file", "ftp", and other protocols.

    Normally, anchors assume the following form:


    where url is something like "".

    But "url" can also be a JavaScript snippet. In this case, "javascript" is considered the protocol rather than "http". For example,

    my first bookmarklet

    displays an alert, rather than loading a new page, when "my first bookmarklet" is clicked.

    Bookmarklets can be inserted into any HTML/XHTML documnent, or, like any other URL, added to the browser's bookmarks.

    And because there are differences in the DOM (Document Object Model) used by Netscape, and IE4+, scripts may be specific to specific browser(s). For example,

    my first bookmarklet

    works with both Netscape (4 and 6), as well as IE4+.



    works with IE4+, but not with Netscape 4.

    Note: If you're concerned about running scripts, the contents of the href attribute are normally displayed in browser status bars (at the bottom of the browser), and can be viewed by inspecting a hyperlink's URL property. (Right click a hyperlink and select Properties.) If the script is too long to be displayed, you can copy and paste it into a text editor for inspection. (Right click the hyperlink and select Copy Shortcut.)

    If this summarizes bookmarklets to everyone's satisfaction, I'll remove other references to it in this forum.


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    Re: bookmarklets: summary

    Excellent, Ivan. Fine by me.
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