Hi all, and thanks for any help.

I have one Publisher template I use for all of my office procedurals/help-type files. The template includes a lot of custom objects (composed of multiple text boxes, clip art, drawing objects, etc) so as to be re-usuable and standardized in the Design Gallery.

Sometimes I will build a new object and will want to include it in the template for future use. That's no problem - just open a copy of the template, build the object(s) and store in the object gallery, then save the template.

Here's the problem: the new objects are only available to NEW documents created from the NEW copy of the template: any existing documents are based on (to use Word's terminology) the template as it stood at the time the document was created. The result is that I have older documents where the object gallery is significantly different than gallery for the newest documents.

Is there are way to synchronize the older documents with the newest template? Right now, when I run into an older document, I spend a few minutes updating its object gallery manually: open a copy of the template, insert the new objects, copy, paste to the old document, store the new object to the object gallery. Repeat as needed for other objects. Obviously, that's a headache. Does Publisher have any method by which I could tap it on the shoulder and say "Hey, see that template over there? Go get all of its custom objects and add it to your gallery?" It's a snap in Word, but I've not been able to figure it out in 5 years of working with this template.

On a related note, when you open the Design Gallery, is there any way to have it go directly to the "My Objects" tab
OR to delete the "Objects by Category" and "Object by Design" tab
OR to save me the aggravation of having to click the "My Objects" tab, when that's the only place I ever go anyway?

Thanks for any help.