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    Compare 2 documents (2002)

    How do I compare 2 different Word documents and only highlight the differences in 1 of the documents?

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    Re: Compare 2 documents (2002)

    The way Word compares, you open one document first, then choose Tools>Compare and Merge Documents..., and point to the second document in a file-picker-type dialog. Word marks the differences into your choice of the open document or a new document (the Merge button has a drop-down that lets you choose). Word will use its familiar Track Changes markings to show the differences.

    From what I can tell, Word always assumes that you opened the "newer" file first and chose the "older" file in the dialog. But perhaps this is reversible, I just can't remember.

    The only complications with this are:

    (1) Sometimes the formatting is too complicated for Word and you get bad results;
    (2) If either document contains preexisting tracked changes (AKA Revision Marks) then Word will treat these as "accepted" before it does its merge; you can't merge the actual revision marks all into one document using this feature.

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    Re: Compare 2 documents (2002)

    Open one of the documents.
    Select Tools | Compare and Merge Documents.
    Word will display a dialog in which you can select the other document.
    There is a little arrow to the right of the Merge button. You have three options:
    - Merge (i.e. into document selected in dialog)
    - Merge into current document
    - Merge into new document.

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