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Thread: Tabbing (E2003)

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    Tabbing (E2003)


    I have tried searching under tabbing but cannot find what I am looking for, it is probably simple but then again so am I

    I am making a form that has Cols A - G and have hidden everything after G, when I get to Col G I would like to tab to Col A of the next row but I cannot seem to be able to do that.

    Any help appreciated, thanks


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    Re: Tabbing (E2003)

    You could do the following, but I don't know if it will be acceptable to the users:
    - Select the cells the user should be able to edit.
    - Select Format | Cells...
    - Activate the Protection tab.
    - Clear the Locked check box.
    - Click OK.
    - Select Tools | Protect | Protect Worksheet...
    - Specify that the user can select unlocked cells, but not locked cells.
    - Specify the other things the user should be able to do.
    - Click OK.
    The Tab key will now work within the unlocked cells.

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    Re: Tabbing (E2003)

    Another way is after hiding the other columns, set the scroll area in the VB immediate window
    <F11> to get to VB
    Ctrl-G to open immediate window
    Enter the line:

    alt-Q to quit

    Since the scroll area is not saved with the workbook, you would have to do this each time you open the workbook, so it could be added to the workbook open event. Add this code in VB to the "ThisWorkbook" object (change the sheetname as appropriate):

    <pre>Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Worksheets("Sheet1").ScrollArea = "A:G"
    End Sub</pre>

    Once the scroll area is set, it will tab as you desire.

    Note: the columns do not have to be hidden for the scroll area to work. The scroll area prevents selecting anything outside the range defined.


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