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    Email tracking (Office 2003)

    Is it possible for someone to detect if I have received an email with Outlook if I do not open the message? My practice for junk email is to hold down the Shift key and click the X delete button or press the delete key to permanently delete the junk or offending message. I try never to Open the message, but of course you must view the message in the preview frame. I have recently become aware of software, Group Metrics that claims to be able to track and report how many people open your email, that is email send with GroupMail a program I have been using for a couple of years.

    My concern is that it may be possilbe for a Spamer with software like this to validate my email address if email simply get to my email reader, in my case Outlook, but is never actually opened.

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    Re: Email tracking (Office 2003)

    There are two ways to track the viewing of a message in Outlook:
    1. <LI>Read receipts. Outlook will report "read" or "deleted without being read" upon request of the sender. Some spam have this set. You can suppress the sending of read receipts -- at least with POP3 accounts, Exchange is somewhat different -- and this generally works with manual operations such as Shift+Delete (but acting on a message with a macro may generate a receipt, see Oh no! 'Not Read' Receipts for Spam (2002 SP2)). You also can set the Reading Pane settings so that messages are not automatically marked as read when they are displayed in that pane.

      <LI>"Web bugs." Many advertising messages contain special links that include a unique identifying code. When your mail reader retrieves the images embedded in the message with the HTML <IMG> tag, this code is reported to the sender. See <post#=322727>post 322727</post#> for more information on this. By default, Outlook 2003 does not display images in HTML messages, so you are protected from web bugs unless you right-click and download them, at which time the fact that you retrieved the images will be recorded in the sender's web server logs.
    So manually using Shift+Delete on an unread message for which you don't view images should be okay. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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