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    Integrated Office Solution Question (Office 2003)


    This is a fairly convoluted question and I hope I can provide you with enough detail in order for you to assist. I am new to these forums, having been referred to them.

    We currently use an access database to run a report each month for salespeople. Basically it calculates how many of x product that person has sold each month and to who they have sold that product. There is roughly around 300 sales people so the report extracts different data depending on who the salesperson is employed by etc.

    This information is then compiled into a pdf document with each salesperson's results displaying on a separate page (or number of pages if they have sold a lot).

    The next stage in the process requires the separation of the pdf document into approximately 300 individual pdf documents with each individual document containing the results for an individual salesperson (so instead of one big pdg, there are 300 small ones that are one or two pages).

    From there each document is manually e-mailed to the salesperson - a very very arduous task.

    This occurs once every month after the end of the month to show the salesperson what they have sold.

    The idea is to automate this procedure. When we pull the data out of Access by running the report we want to create individual statements without having to compile it into one large one. We also want to automate the process of e-mailing this statements ... but with a Word Merge/Mail merge we don't know how to add an attachment (or whether this is possible).

    Can anyone think or does anyone know of any solutions to this? If you require additional detail I would be happy to provide it - I am not sure if the above information is enough for you to understand what I am trying to do.

    Any assistance GREATLY appreciated! [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Integrated Office Solution Question (Office 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    If you are using Outlook, you can use Automation from Access to control the sending of e-mails with attachments.

    One of our moderators, <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile>, has a tutorial on Automation on his website: Automation 101.

    If you search the Access forum, you'll find examples of creating individual pdf files for each record in a table or query, and of sending e-mails with .pdf attachments. For instance, you may want to look at the threads starting at <post#=383,300>post 383,300</post: >, <post#=375,863>post 375,863</post: > and <post#=218,831>post 218,831</post: >.

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