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    Linking table cell information (Office 2000/W2K)

    I have created a form that uses several tables. This form is the front and back of a page. This form has a cell where the user enters the date. I have been asked to also have a place on the back of the form for a date entry to make it easier for those seeing the form to know the date. I would like to link the date cell from the front of the form to a cell on the back of the form to automatically enter the same date that was entered on the front. In other words, when the user enters the date on the front, the date will automatically be entered on the back.

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    Re: Linking table cell information (2000/W2000)

    Word has a REF field that can be used to copy information from one part of a document to another, typically when the first chunk of text is marked with a bookmark. That might be a bit tricky in a table, and one typically would need to update the fields (e.g., Ctrl+A, F9) to get the REF field to pick up the new information. For these reasons, it might not be the best solution for your form.

    If you are using a Word form field for the first date, then you can add an exit macro to the form field that updates another form field on the second page. If you aren't already using Word form fields, this probably would require too drastic a change to your form.

    Another option is to use ASK or FILLIN fields, but I am not very familiar with these.

    Finally, you can fill in today's date automatically when the document is created using Word's date fields and/or a little bit of VBA code. If the person needs to be able to put in some other date, that isn't as convenient; you would have to get the input from the user.

    Does this help??

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    Re: Linking table cell information (Office 2000/W2K)

    Are you using text boxes etc. from the Forms toolbar, in a document protected for forms?
    If so, each form text box has an associated bookmark - you can view/change its name by double clicking the form text box while the document is unprotected. Say that the bookmark name is TheDate. Make sure that the "Calculate on Exit" check box for this form text box is ticked.
    In the cell where you want the date to appear too, press Ctrl+F9 to insert field brackets { } (do not type them yourself)
    Between the brackets, type TheDate or whatever you named the bookmark, then press F9 to hide the field codes.
    When you protect the document for forms and enter a date in the form text box, it will be copied automatically to the other cell.

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