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    Link Outlook message to DB (2002)

    Hi All,
    Has anyone out there ever linked Outlook messages with an Access DB? In our operation, there are a lot of emails that go back and forth about records that are in the DB. What ends up happening, and I would prefer that they don't do it!, is that they are pasting in the text of the messages into a memo field in the record. It would be much easier to have some sort of link to a message instead. Maybe this is pie in the sky mentality!


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    Re: Link Outlook message to DB (2002)

    You can link an Outlook/Exchange folder in your Access database (File | Get External Data | Link Tables...)
    You can also write code in Access to process e-mail messages in an Outlook/Exchange folder automatically and store information from them in a table.
    But I don't think you can link to individual e-mail messages. (Others will correct me if I'm wrong)

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