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    WinXP loses track of audio driver (2003)

    I had to reformat the hard disc on my (2nd hand) new ThinkPad 600e to install Windows XP Pro, and seem to have lost a driver for the audio. I can find Crystal WDM Audio Codec in the hardware tab of Sounds and audio devices, but it says 'this device cannot start Code10' I uninstall and reinstall it, using device manager and 'find new hardware' wizard, and succeed in getting sound - I can play CDs etc. until I reboot the machine, at which point I start getting messages saying I have no sound card. If I then reinstal, all is well until the next reboot. And so on...

    I do have a sound card, and the correct software, but Windows cant remember it from one reboot to the next. Any idea what I can do about this? (I will also be asking in some other forums, specific to Windows, but maybe this is a known Thinkpad issue...)


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    Re: WinXP loses track of audio driver (2003)

    The Lenovo (formerly IBM) site doesn't list an audio driver for XP, but you might want to give the NT driver a whirl.
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