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    Late e-mails (Outlook '03)

    I just upgraded to Outlook '03, and am noticing something rather strange with my e-mail. I have several accounts, spread among two computers. On my laptop, some e-mails are coming in late. So far it appears to be from only two senders, but I just noticed it yesterday and havent followed it close enough to see if that is correct. Both of those senders are my co-workers and are sending from and to the domain that we use for our business. I am dropping our ISP an e-mail regarding this. While I was looking at this however I noticed that he had sent me an e-mail as well, in a cc: and that e-mail was almost 9 hours late. I dont think that they are using the send later feature, but am not sure. Any ideas here other than contacting the ISP?
    Thanks John
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    Re: Late e-mails (Outlook '03)

    By what means are you ascertaining that it was '9 hours late'? I'd check the header to see what the local times are logged as - see <post#=499,013>post 499,013</post: > and replies for further ideas.

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