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    Using LDAP and Outlook (Outlook ???)

    one of our members in Guatemala is have a problem with using our LDAP to find an address. He admits it may be "pilot" error

    He writes:
    > Here is the problem I am having in Outlook, when I am trying to find an
    > email address using the LDAP directory:
    > 1. I type the name for which I am searching into the FIND CONTACT
    > field on the Outlook window.
    > 1. Two error messages return, implying nothing can be found.
    > 2. Then if I click on the Address book icon a window pops up with the
    > query correctly.
    > 1. Then it is not clear how to populate that email into the To:
    > field.
    > Below is the window into which I start my query; you may see that I have
    > typed Russ .... into the field. However, it would be better to type
    > directly into the To: field and have the LDAP database complete the
    > email address.

    TIA for your help.


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    Re: Using LDAP and Outlook (Outlook ???)

    A couple of questions:
    1. What happens if he just presses the To... button on a new email? It should bring up the Address Book window of available contacts and available contact lists, in which he can search. Alternatively, having got the window with the relevant contact as he does now, chosing File-New message should create a new email with that contact in the To field.
    2. What are the error messages he gets?

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