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    convert from into word (Access 2000)

    can i convert the contents of a fom into word ? the database i am using is deleted and renewed every day and i need to convert a simple form int a word.
    If yes,can somebody help me with a mail merge code ro create the doc document?

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    Re: convert from into word (Access 2000)

    Would simply copying the form to the clipboard and pasting it into Word do what you are after? Anything beyond that gets pretty involved - you would need to use Word Automation or something similar.

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    Re: convert from into word (Access 2000)

    Could you post a stripped down copy of your database? Being able to see your form and the table/query beneath it would make creating a mail merge much easier. My suggestion would be to follow Wendell's advice - try this:

    1. Create a new word document, expand the margins to the size needed to fit your form.
    2. Take a screenshot of your form with no data in any fields (Alt+PrntScrn)
    3. Paste the screenshot on your word document.
    4. Go to Tools> Mail Merge
    5. Choose 'Create', and then Form Letters
    6. Select 'Change Document Type', and use your current word document
    7. Choose 'Get Data', and then 'Open Data Source'> Change files of type to MS Access Database, and select your form's record source
    8. Click on Close

    The mail merge toolbar should now be visible. By clicking on 'Insert Merge Field' you will be able to choose the field you wish to enter. Just create the merge field over your form fields, and Viola!, your Access Form, in word.

    If you wish to actually create the documents, go back to Tools> Mail Merge, and for step 3 of the Mail Merge wizard, choose 'Merge'. Select the range of records you wish to merge.

    Hope this helps. If I missed the target completely, let me know. <img src=/S/cheers.gif border=0 alt=cheers width=30 height=16>
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