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    Laptop & Desktop (2003 SP1)

    I recently copied my Outlook.pst file to my laptop, where I used it successfully for two weeks. I am ready to copy it back to my desktop, but want to be sure that I don't download to the desktop mail that I have already read. I am not using Exchange. How should I configure the Leave Mail on Server settings? The laptop settings (and desktop) are currently: Leave mail on Server, Remove from Server after 15 days, Remove from Server when Deleted Items is emptied. My plan is to empty the Deleted Items folder, then change the 15 days to one day, close and reopen Outlook, which should clean out the Server. The reason I'm asking is because the last time I did this without changing my settings Outlook downloaded 67 e-mails that I had already read. I thought I had emptied the DI folder, but can't swear to it. Are these settings saved in the pst file or in the Registry? If the latter, that would explain the desktop doing it's own thing.

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    Re: Laptop & Desktop (2003 SP1)

    > Are these settings saved in the pst file or in the Registry?

    In earlier versions of Outlook, there was an external file with the extension rhc (see, e.g., OL2000: (CW) How to Re-Download Internet Mail in Outlook). I'm not sure how more recent versions of Outlook keep track. My profile with the POP3 account also has a corresponding .xml file, but the data appears to be more related to the Outlook interface than to the mail account. Based on your experience, it sounds as though the Registry is more likely than the PST file.

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