<font color=red>problem solved. too embarrassed to explain what happened</font color=red>

I am working on a project and am borrowing working code from ASP to Access. I am getting the 800A01A8 error 'Object Required' and think there's something missing in my code in the transfer from Access to SQL Server. The problem is, I'm not sure how the Access code works.

anyhow, the offending line is:

<dbconnection as an include file>
myRS.Open "Reported_Limited_Gen_Inv_FAMILY", DataConnection, adOpenStatic, adCmdTable

for X = 1 to lngRow
myRS("ComplainantID") = 10
myRS("SubjectDetailsID") = 20
myRS("RecipientAge") = Request.Form("RecipientAge" & X)
myRS("RecipientGender") = Request.Form("RecipientGender" & X)
myRS("RelationshipName") = Request.Form("RelationshipName" & X)
myRS("DOB") = Request.Form("DOB" & X)
myRS("SSN") = Request.Form("SSN" & X)

Set myRS = Nothing
Set DataConnection = Nothing

this is supposed to open the target table in the db and once that has been done, I want to commit AddNew and Update to the table. Using ADO and adovbs for the constants.

This works in Access just fine. Is there something else I need to add to this string for SQL server to unnerstand? And is there any issues with AddNew and Update in SQL Server 2000?

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