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    Setting up Outlook Profiles (Outlook 2002)

    I am currently on Windows XP Home Edition, running Outlook 2002. Up until now, my husband and I had separate accounts in Windows XP, and if we wanted to check our email one of us would have to log off and the other would log in. This got to be pretty tedious, so I thought we'd just switch to one XP account, with different Outlook profiles. I think that I've got the profiles setup okay, but I'm not sure how to get all the information that WAS in my husband's email account (Inbox items, Calendar items, etc.) copied over to this profile. I'm not sure where the old info was stored, or where the new info will be stored so I'll know where to copy it to. Would appreciate any help from someone who knows how to do it or has done it before.

    Thx - Sat.

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    Re: Setting up Outlook Profiles (Outlook 2002)

    Here's one way: Starting from either profile, create a new PST file using File>New>Outlook Data File. You can name it "Shared.pst" or whatever you like. Copy the items you want to copy/move the items you want to move into "Shared.pst" and then log off of Outlook. Open Outlook using the second profile and open "Shared.pst" using File>Open>Outlook data file. You then can copy or move items into your empty "main" PST for that profile.

    (Apologies for any errors on menu names, they seems to keep changing from version to version...)

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