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    Print calendar in a list (OUtlook 2002)

    Is it possible to print thr calendar in list form but to include also days that do not have appoinrmrnt on them. The Calendar details styles is similar to our neeeds but doesn't print empty days.



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    Re: Print calendar in a list (OUtlook 2002)

    One common complaint about Outlook is it's lack of print styles and lack of flexibility with those styles. See if there are any viable templates in Slipstick; if not you are probably best off exporting the calendar period you want to print into Excel or Word via File | Import and Export ... and manipulating the data in one of those applications.

    You could also design a custom form and print it (using this MS WYSIWYG tool), or write a macro to automate the data export to Excel or Word and printing process from that application; there are some code samples in this forum, such as <post#=259455>post 259455</post#> from <!profile=olddog>olddog<!/profile>, and you could search on If you'd like to try the print macro approach, Loungers will be happy to help.
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