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    opening a form (2000)

    Hello. I am having problems with user permissions again.

    I have a user group called users who are basically allowed to open/run the database. On top of that I have ClientMonies group, who I have given permission to open/run all client monies queries, forms and reports. However the members of this group still can not open the relevant form. The tables are not showing in the permissions dialog box. I am assuming that this is because they are linked.

    Any clarity on this would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: opening a form (2000)

    Sorry about the delay in responding. I presume the group Users that you referred to is the standard user group that everyone belongs to - and user IDs cannot be removed from that group as I recall. So that group is normally the most restricted in terms of what they can do. You ClientMonies group would then have persmissions to everything that Users have, as well as whatever other permissions you have explicitly granted them. As to the form, that group will need permission to the underlying data source for your form - whether it's linked tables, or a query or whatever. The tables should also show up in the dialog form, whether they are linked or local tables. (I presume you are using tables in an Access database and then linking to them.)

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