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Thread: Leaders in TOC

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    Leaders in TOC

    Everytime I recreate the table of contents the leaders disappear for some of the heading levels. I've checked the TOC styles and they are set for dot leaders and the tab placement is correct. I can press Tab manually the then the leaders appear and the tab placement is correct.

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    Re: Leaders in TOC

    Using the default TOC styles, if a TOC result wraps to the next line, the leaders may not show up, and the page number itself is not "right-tabbed". I forget exactly how I resolved this, but I think I changed the TOC style so that the first left-tab (near the left-hand side) was either moved or removed completely. Or, you could shorten the headings in the document itself to prevent the wrapping situation.

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    Re: Leaders in TOC

    Sounds like a Jason Tab is making its unwelcome presence felt. Is a phantom tab being inserted into the entries about an inch in from the left hand margin.

    Get rid of these tabs by making sure the styles for the TOC entries are set with a Hanging Indent.
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