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    adp - sqlserver (2002)

    ok i know that im a complete beginner with adps and sql server, but now im starting to think that i am really thick!! I have now got my adp connecting to the database that i want when i want, but when the tables populate the adp they just look like normal local tables, when i use ado to update a recordset it updates it fine in the adp but when i look in the server there is no change at all. does anyone know how to help or at least some where i can get a begginners knowledger in leymans terms to help me with starting out?

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    Re: adp - sqlserver (2002)

    This is basically the same question you asked in <post#=515,866>post 515,866</post: >.

    Anyone wanting to reply, please do so in the other thread. This one is locked to avoid duplication and confusion.

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