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    Two Different Monitors (PowrPoint 2003)

    With PowerShow, would like to have two monitors configured. First monitor in front of me I would like to see my slides with my notes. On the other monitor the PPT presentation showing up on the wall for the audience. What do I need to do to have this happen??

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    Re: Two Different Monitors (PowrPoint 2003)

    This is how I usually use PowerPoint.
    <UL><LI>Firstly configure your hardware so that the display is on your first monitor only, and not replicated to the second monitor.
    <LI>Then right click on your desktop to get display properties and open the Settings tab
    <LI>Select display 2 and check the box marked "Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor"
    <LI>Set a resolution for Display 2 that is compatible with your second monitor
    <LI>Click OK and you will see your desktop background on the second monitor
    <LI>Open PowerPoint and select "Set up show" from the "Slide Show" menu
    <LI>Select "Show presenter view"
    <LI>In the drop down box marked "Display slide show on" select "Second Monitor"
    <LI>Click OK
    <LI>Start your slide show and be amazed[/list]StuartR

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