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    Counting based on 2 conditions and in a range (2003)

    Dear Loungers,

    Can't remeber how to do this...

    I have a spreadhseet with Teams (50 of them vertical axis)) by UAT Scenarios (20 of them horizontal axis) and these will run over 3 days, each scenario colum alos has a value of the day in the day row. So basically the matrix is populated with an X where e.g. Team 1 is responsible for Scenario 6, and also we know Scenario 6 is on wednesday.

    What I want to do is For each team (row) count the X's where the day number is 1 or 2 or 3, so I get totals for each team for each day.

    thank you..... liz

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    Re: Counting based on 2 conditions and in a range (2003)

    Say that the scenarios are listed in B1:U2, and that the total headers are in V1:X2

    The total for Day1 for Team1 will be in cell V3. Enter the following formula in this cell:
    Use the fill handle in the lower right corner of V3 to fill right to X3, then fill down as far as needed (to V52:X52)
    See attached example. Of course, if your worksheet is set up differenty, you will have to adjust the ranges in the formulas.

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