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    Comments About Costco

    Some time ago I started <!post=this thread in Software,508,465>this thread in Software<!/post> which got quite long, so you may not want to check it. However, in that thread I reported buying a PrimeFilm 35mm Film & Slide Scanner 1800U from Costco and having failure problems. The gist of what I want to say here is a followup about Costco. In the thread I mentioned the length of time it was taking to get the wheels in motion for the return of the defective product. In fairness to Costco I want to say that their support folks were very responsive to my emails but it appears their company procedures are the source of the time lag. I did receive the pre-paid UPS label after my last email and it was earmarked for a return directly to the manufacturer (PIE) rather than Costco. I'm not sure I fully understand the inner workings of their procedures, for it's obvious that it's Costco who need to refund my money. But, at any rate the product is on its way and now ( <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15> ) I must simply WAIT for the credit to hit the books.

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    Re: Comments About Costco

    Here in the Northwest where we have a CostCo (Headquarters is 10 miles from us) on every corner, they have a "No questions asked" on returns to the stores. I have purchased only a couple items on line and did NOT have any problems with them.

    One of the biggest return items is every January after the "Super Bowl" there are a LOT of Big Screen TV's returned.

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