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    Printing labels/Dot matrix (2003/SP1)

    I'm not sure if I should post this here or in another post, but being as I was printing out of Access I will post it here. I was having trouble setting up the correct label size to print to a Okidata ML 590 dot matrix printer. I found on Okidata's website how to set up a new label size. Go to the 'printers and faxes' screen, highlight the printer you're using, then click on 'File/Server Properties'. Click on 'Create a new form' and name your new label then enter the size of the label. I was printing on a 3" tall by 5" wide 'print area' label. The total width was 5.75" and 3 and 1/16". I had to convert that to Metric because the print server only allows measurements in tenths of an inch and not hundredths. I needed my height to be 3.035". 3.04" was too tall and I had creeping problems up or down. I could only print about 30 labels at a time, tear the labels off and reset the printer. When you have 500 labels to print that is very frustrating. I had to change the width to 14.61cm and the height to 7.70cm. When you click on 'Save Form', it changes the measurements back to English, but retains the correct size. Then right click on your printer and click 'Printing Preferences'. Click on 'Advanced' and in 'Paper/Output', change the 'Paper Size' to the newly created label. Then in Access set your label up and then set your paper size to the newly created label by going to 'File/Page Setup/Paper/Size'. I am posting this hoping that it can help someone. I spent 'days' trying to get those labels to print correctly.

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    Re: Printing labels/Dot matrix (2003/SP1)

    Thanks Weldon

    My Post Room guys use Oxidata printers for their franking machine. I will print this off as the boss guy down there is always calling Support for printing problems, this stuff is always useful to know.

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