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    Creating CD's that include the latest service pack

    HI I used to have the instructions to make a W2KPro Sp? CD from my Original OEM CD plus the sp CD I would have to enter the serial, CD key during the process.
    I am not sure where on the internet or if it was in an earlier W.W.W. I have the orig disks for W2KPro, Office2KPro, WXPProSP1, Office2003pro and all the service packs. As I reload my PC' s when they slow down to much from loading and unloading various software for trial and testing purposes, I reformat and reload the Hdd's.
    I would like to make latest SP CD's of all the above if possible so that I can prevent damage to the originals and decrease the reloading time. Can anyone help with the info? Thanks

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    Re: Creating CD's that include the latest service

    If you search the Lounge for "slipstream", you will find many posts. Slipstreaming works for WinXP (and I would assume for W2K) but I don't believe you can slipstream any of the versions of Office. If I remember correctly, to slipstream Office, you must create an administrative install point and if you don't have the corporate version, you can't do this.
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    Re: Creating CD's that include the latest service pack

    By far the easiest way to create a slipstreamed Windows CD is to use Autostreamer


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