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    "Check Names" in E-mail Address Fields

    OL2000, CW install. One user who, when he uses the 'check names' feature by right-clicking a partial name in the address field of a new e-mail, is seeing only names in his contact list. I went to Tools | Services, Addressing tab and made sure that the GAL was included in the "Check Names using these address lists" field. His Contacts was first, but making the GAL first did not fix the problem. No other user is having this problem.

    When I deliberately addressed and sent an e-mail to an internal user, that user's name then began to appear when 'check names' was used. However, it was underscored by a gray, dashed line instead of the usual black underscore.

    Has anyone experienced/read/heard about this? I haven't found anything yet in the knowledge base...this board is often more useful anyway.

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    Re: "Check Names" in E-mail Address Fields

    I have seen this problem before, but I can't remember if it was in OL97 or 2000. You could try setting the user up with a new Outlook profile (under Options-Mail Services-Prompt for a profile to be used). I know we tried this, and I think this is what did the trick.


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    Re: "Check Names" in E-mail Address Fields

    Thank you! New profiles are usually good fixes.

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