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    Exchange / Outlook Inbox Counter (Outlook 2003)

    Does anyone know of a tool that displays the number of messages in an Exchange mailbox?

    My team, like many Service Desk teams, deals with a large volume of e-mail on a daily basis into our shared mailbox. Although we always have someone assigned to working through the e-mails and taking the appropriate action, if they get caught up dealing with an urgent support issue the inbound e-mail can start to pile up pretty quickly.

    We're searching for a tool that we can monitor the number of messages in the Inbox of a specified Exchange mailbox and display the count on screen. To round out the wish list we came up with the following:
    - Able to monitor a specified Exchange mailbox, probably not the user logged on to the workstation running the tool
    - Provide a count of the total messages in the Inbox folder
    - Provide a count of the messages that were received beyond a configurable threshold, eg. more than 4 hours ago
    - Draw attention to messages that were received exceeding a further threshold, eg. more than 8 hours ago, by flashing red, making noise, etc
    - Display the message counts in large numbers that can be read from a distance, so the tool can be loaded onto a workstation visible to everyone in the room

    I'm sure that there must be other Service Desk, Help Desk and support teams that could also benefit from a tool like this and I'd welcome any advice or ideas.

    If there are any developers that are interested in developing a tool like this, please contact me. My company has no problem with paying a fair price for such a tool.


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    Re: Exchange / Outlook Inbox Counter (Outlook 2003)

    Also posted in the Outlook forum. To avoid confusion and duplication, this thread is locked. Please post all replies in the thread starting at <post#=517,340>post 517,340</post: >.

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