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    Pocket PC or Palm OS Pilot?

    Find enclosed specifications for proposed application:

    Is this doable?

    Pocket PC or Palm OS Pilot? Is there a White Paper that explains differences?

    What software would be required? Pendragon, Handango, etc.

    What Palm Pilot/Pocket PC or specifications hardware would you recommend?

    Thanks, John
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    Re: Pocket PC or Palm OS Pilot?


    I implemented a project sometime last year where we had to have monitoring officers attend hundreds of blocks of flats. The purpose was to monitor cleaning contracts. For this we used Compaq/HP Ipaqs and software called Maximiser. Officers used to have a series of drop downs of places to inspect, graded the job and then left. This was all timestamped and the officer could even sign the report. This was docked back at the central office and synced. All data was uploaded to anew excel spreadsheet and the master workbook read the data.

    My experience suggests Ipaqs but you will have to use the most recent batch (post Sept 2004) as these store data in ROM where it will not be lost if the batteries are run down. Do not go for the 6000 series with phione as this uses AMD and has half processor speed to the smaller ones. I will leave the others to discuss the Palm Pilot as I have no knowledge of their systems

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