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    Form Fields toggled to codes (2000 & 2002)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 14-Sep-05 16:11. Subject line made more specific.)</P>Suddenly when users open a locked form with field codes, the field codes are toggled on. The user has to unlock the form, toggle them off (Alt+F9), and then relock the form. It is happening randomly on user's machines - i.e., some users are affected, others are not; and it is happening with the same form on different days. - i.e., it will happen for one user when she opens the form today, but not when she opens it tomorrow. Then two days later it will happen again on the same form.

    Any ideas? I've gone to the MS Knowledge base to see if this might be listed there, but no luck.



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    Re: Form Fields toggled to codes (2000 & 2002)

    I think this is related to the setting in effect at the time the user opens the form. Or maybe it is the setting related to that particular template. Does this work? Close form, toggle field codes (Alt+F9) in any other document, then re-open form?

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