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    Item does not support printing (Outlook 2003/XP)

    Every once in a while my wife gets an e-mail from a company in Danemark. When we go to print it, we get the following message:
    "One or more items you tried to print does not support printing and was not printed."
    In the print-preview window the text area of the message is grayed out. I can save the message to disk and then print it as a text file, and all other e-mails print quite happily. Does anybody know what might be the cause of this, or how to get this kind of print-protection removed?

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    Re: Item does not support printing (Outlook 2003/X

    Do you automatically print attachments when you print emails? If so, perhaps there is a blocked or otherwise problematic attachment to these messages.

    I assume it is an HTML message rather than plain text. If it is plain text, I wonder whether it could be a font problem? Actually, maybe it is something in the MIME encoding. (Tthat's on the outer fringes of my knowledge about email.)

    Many authors would like to know how to create unprintable HTML. <img src=/S/laugh.gif border=0 alt=laugh width=15 height=15> If it is HTML, we could check out the source code. Right-click the message body, View Source, then in Notepad remove any personally identifying information and use Save As to create a copy of the file (with a .txt extension, even though it's HTML).

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