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    MS WORD text to table conversion (MS WORD 2002)

    Ok, so I have this Word document that I need to organize into tables. My first problem is separating the texts by bold and regular font type into different columns. Secondly, I need to separate the document into rows by paragraphs. Anyone got any suggestions?

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    Re: MS WORD text to table conversion (MS WORD 2002)

    You will need to insert a separator in between the plain and bold text that is not already existing in that text. A tab would be the logical item to place here but that is not going to work if you have tabs in the text and don't want a new table cell spawned at that point. Once the separator is in place you can select the text and Convert to Table choosing the relevant separator in the dialog.

    So the hard part is working out how to insert the separator. I would firstly try a search and replace by putting my cursor in some plain text before the bold text starts. Don't put anything in the Find what box but search for Format>Font>Bold. In the Replace with box type in "^t^&". If you are not using tabs as the separator then you use that character in place of the ^t
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