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    Creating Photo Gallery (FP 2000)

    I'm trying to automatically create a web photo gallery to incorporate in an existing FP 2000 website from a folder full of photos. Actually I want to do this for many batches of photos. I want to have a main gallery page with thumbnails linking to the original photos, and have them able to navigate between each other and back to the main gallery page.

    I have been using Photoshop Elements 2.0 (PSE), and have created the gallery, but have been having trouble putting it into the existing website (see text from my post to the PSE forum below). Is there a way to incorporate the PSE galleries using FP2000, or maybe another way to create similar galleries using a stand alone program or plugin (hopefully free) that can go right into an existing FP website?

    ***Further explanation of my problem, from my post to the Photoshop forum:
    I read a thread here about uploading a PSE web photo gallery using Frontpage and it dealt with the gallery as a stand alone website. My question is a little bit different:

    I've created a web photo gallery using PSE 2.o, and want to incorporate it into an existing web site created with Frontpage 2000. I want to be able to use multiple galleries created with PSE as sub pages for our website.

    The problem is, PSE creates the main page of the gallery, and names it "index.htm", but the home page of the existing website is already has that name, so I'm wondering if I can use the gallery at all in the existing website. Is it possible to incorporate PSE web photo galleries without having to go into all the galleries' files and rename the links from "index.htm to xxx.htm"? If I have to rename all the links, it will probably just be easier to create the galleries, thumbnails, links, etc. manually within Frontpage. I was hoping PSE could automate a lot of that process for me.

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    Re: Creating Photo Gallery (FP 2000)

    FP2002 has a built-in photo-gallery ability - whether you'd consider an upgrade to be a stand-alone program or plugin is a different matter!

    More details here at Scriptfx.

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