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    Load Software (MS Office XP)

    A friend just gave me a PC (Gateway, PEn III, 192 Ram, Hard Drive 60) with no Operating System and Software Loaded. I have The MS Office XP software on a CD and I want to load it on the PC.
    I turn on the system and it shows me the Gateway Logo I have the CD in the CD slot and I'm connected to Road Runner. The screen continue to change with messages. It eventually will say can't load of the Network, press any key to continue. I press the Enter Key and a new message shows up saying Can't load Operating system. What I'm I doing wrong. Could you send me the steps please???? Thanks...

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    Re: Load Software (MS Office XP)

    Reposted as <post#=519,095>post 519,095</post: >. This thread is locked to avoid duplication. Please post replies in the other thread.

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