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    Problem Load Software on my machine (Windows XP)

    A friend just gave me a PC (Gateway, PEn III, 192 Ram, Hard Drive 60) with no Operating System and Software Loaded. I have The MS Office XP software on a CD and I want to load it on the PC.
    I turn on the system and it shows me the Gateway Logo I have the CD in the CD slot and I'm connected to Road Runner. The screen continue to change with messages (Managed PC Boot Alert (MBA) V3.20, Node 005004B2D3A1, DHCP

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    Re: Problem Load Software on my machine (Windows X

    If I'm reading all of this correctly, the FIRST thing you need to do is load an operating system. You can't load Office until there is an OS on the machine. I don't know what OS, if any, that you have but I believe a machine with "only" 192 MB RAM would struggle if not fail with Windows XP, so you might have to load a previous version or add some more memory. THEN, you should be able to load your Office from its CD. BTW, you say it's a Pentium III but what clock speed. For example, I'm currently running a PIII 600 and it was terribly slow with XP a couple years ago until I boosted the RAM to 640...

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