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    More fun with paperless Court (2003/exchange 2003)

    With the new age of the paperless court we now get emails of all pleadings in cases that we are involved with. The email contains a hyperlink to a PDF stored at the court that is the actual document. Since we're not paperless yet, I'm looking for a way to have Exchange or an Outlook client automatically print the document at the hyperlink and date stamp it.

    Is anyone aware of a product or exchange/outlook tweak that will do this?


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    Re: More fun with paperless Court (2003/EXCH 2003)

    Maybe there is a canned solution for this. If not, and I were automating this, I would use VBA to (1) extract the URLs, (2) download the files (with an ActiveX control or API call), (3) run them through some kind of software that I don't own to "stamp" your received stamp on the first page, (4) save the altered file, and (5) run it through Adobe Reader to print it.

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