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    Backup solution required

    Can anyone suggest a backup tool that supports Windows ME backups to a SCSI-based DLT drive? The only one I've been able to find so far is NovaStor's NovaBack but I want to do some comparisons with other products.

    If it was also comaptible with WIn2000, (and, therefore, [hopefully] XP), then I wouldn't have to shell out for another package if and when I upgrade.

    Any and all help gratefull received.


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    Re: Backup solution required

    try msbackup.exe from a windows 98 machine. I copied the .exe file to crogram filesaccessoriesbackup, the three help files to c:windowshelp,
    and msbackup.inf to c:windowsinf, then right-clicked on the .inf file, chose "install"
    It works to a second hard drive, but there's a funny size limit around 5-7GB.
    it's a crippled version of seagate's backup manager,
    which wants a SCSI drive.

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    Re: Backup solution required

    Oops! I tried my instructions in the last post on a fresh Me HD,
    & found that I had to copy the backupsystem folder from the Win98 machine,
    and then do multiple searches after I right-clicked on msbackup.inf,
    to point the installation to the different locations of files it wanted.

    When I started msbackup, it wanted to search for a non-existent backup device,
    but if I told it "don't search", I could specify the place to put the backup file.

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    Re: Backup solution required

    I've tried MSBackup - the Win ME version. I used it to back up to DAT before the data set got too big for single tapes. When I select the device I want to back up to, my DAT drive and CD-RW are listed, but not the DLT drive. I think I read something in the help file about not supporting DLT, too.

    I downladed an evaluation copy of the Seagate backup tool of which MS Backup is a subset. It seems that the NT/2000 version supports DLT and other high capacity tape formats while the 95/98/ME version supports lower capacity devices, such as Travan, DAT, ZIP, CD-RW etc. etc but not DLT.

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    Re: Backup solution required

    I use the Software Compatability Chart for a list of backup software options.

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