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    Protect drop down menus (2003)

    Hi guys
    Trying to impress one of my managers. He asked me if it is possible to protect drop down menus. I used data validation with the data on another sheet and no problems there. Its all working sweet.
    However, when you click on the drop down menu and it says for instance - monday - tuesday wednesday, people can still type in other things.

    What do I do to stop that from happening ??


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    Re: Protect drop down menus (2003)

    On the Error alert tab of the validation dialog you can specify what type of message you want to show on a wrong entry (Style dropdown). That not only affects the icon in the dialog box, but also the options given to the user:

    Stop: Retry (make new entry) or Cancel (restore previous value)
    Warning: Yes (Accept wrong entry), No (retry), Cancel (restore previous value)
    Information: OK (Accept wrong entry), Cancel (restore previous value)

    So the first option will prevent your user from making wrong entries (except by copying and pasting unfortunately).
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