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    Applying Outline Numbering in Outline View (Word 2003)

    I'm working with applying Outline Numbering in Outline View. I've typed all my text, demoting and promoting levels as necessary. I highlight all the text, then go to Format | Bullets and Numbering | Outline Numbering and choose a preset Outline Numbering format, and I'm getting strange results. Sometimes the numbering is applied, but it applies Level 1 numbering to all levels, despite the fact that they've been promoted/demoted. Once, it seemingly changed all the levels to Level 1, aligning them on the left, appliying Level 1 numbering and changing the style to Level 1 style. Am I doing something wrong here? I know that I can turn on the numbering before I actually begin typing the Outline (and get much better results), but it seems you should be able to do it this way too (by highlighting the already typed and setup outline).

    Thanks - Sat.

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    Re: Applying Outline Numbering in Outline View (Word 2003)

    Make sure that you don't display all levels (including plain text) when you do this, but only the levels you want to number. You can use the Show Level dropdown on the Outlining toolbar for this.

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