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    setting security options (Word 2003)

    With all the concern over the hidden (or not so hidden) metadata in Word, how can I set the two options found in the Security tab (of Tools / Options menu) to enabled for all docs? Right now it seems to be something I have to do with every file and that obviously isn't going to work (too easy to forget).

    Privacy Options
    + Remove personal information from file properties before save
    + Warn before print, saving or sending a file that contains tracked changes or comments

    I've recently 'scrubbed' a dozen or so Word files from the part (small part) of the web site that I work on and am trying to warn co-workers not to post Word files w/o reviewing them first. Not everything can be posted as PDF and I do hear different stories as to how easy it is for Outlook to restore the previously cleaned metadata if you send it in email. Others say you can save as RTF and send that as an email and it'll clean it all out. It's hard to know what's true and what's myth. I couldn't find that Woody's newsletter that talked about this stuff in the archives.


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    Re: setting security options (Word 2003)

    Some of us are using ezClean from KKL Software for metadata removal. You could try using the 45-day evaluation download as your cross-check. Experiment with different settings in Word and then scan your files with ezClean to see what it can see.

    Personally, I prefer not to use Word's "remove all personal information" setting because it makes revision marks anonymous and then I can't tell who's saying what.

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