I just recently installed a new Hard drive(20GB) and installed Windows ME onto this new clean HD. The old HD is now a slave to the new one. I am currently having allot of problems with spool32.dll and kernel32.dll which cause me to shut down and reboot. However when I reboot I often get the "System Registry Checker has found a problem in the Registry file Click OK to fix and reboot" message. I click OK and the computer does its thing and reboots. I would guess that 1/2 of the time I can't get out of this loop as the message keeps coming up and I keep clicking OK. The only way to get out is to do a hard power off and unplug the computer for a minute or two.

The other times the system seems to loose part of its mind or something I just tried to fix or reset. I am using a 300mhz AMD-K6 3D processor

Lastly is ME better than 98 second edition. I'm thinking of going bact to 98. Any comments welcom