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    SAVE AS in XP - Wordpad (XP Professional)

    I have older documents done in Win98SE-Wordpad, which were done in different fonts, sizes, etc.
    Now, I have XP, and am trying to match these documents, so I use Wordpad, format things to match, but XP doesn't let me save them as ".doc" - It only gives me "rtf".- If I try to use .doc, it removes all formatting and I end up with text-only (I think that's what it's called).
    The only way I can match the other files is to copy one of the old ones, then copy and paste the new content into it , then erase the original content.
    Is there a simpler way to end up with a formatted .doc extension in XP?

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    Re: SAVE AS in XP - Wordpad (XP Professional)

    WordPad (at least the XP version) can read Word .doc files, but it can only save as .rtf (formatted) or as a text file (DOS, Windows or Unicode, no formatting)

    Why not just save the documents as .rtf? They will keep the formatting, and can be read by both WordPad and Word.
    If you want to, you can save the files as .rtf from WordPad, then change the extension to .doc in Windows Explorer. Both WordPad and Word will open the file correctly.

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