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    Referencing an Autotext File (Office 2003)

    Can anyone help?

    I have a template which uses Control Buttons - front end (so therefore have saved as a doc file). As there are a number of buttons within the document and it takes some time to load, I saved sections of the template to an Autotext file (dot file) and referenced the dot file to the doc file, which works well. The problem I have is that if newly created doc file is forwarded to another user who does not have the Autotext file installed the reference is dropped which is causing an error.

    Any suggestions on how to drop the reference after the document is created. (Hope I'm making sense !!)

    Many thanks

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    Re: Referencing an Autotext File (Office 2003)

    You can set the attached template to

    ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate = NormalTemplate

    This will break the link to the original template. Note: if you run the above code from the template, code execution will end immediately after that line, so you probably would want to run it from a global template.

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