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    Turning off track changes (Woord 2003)

    I've recently upgraded from Word 2000, and this is one of those problems where I haven't figured out the equivalent in Word 2003.

    I'm working on a document in Word 2003 and seem to have invoked Track Changes by adding comments. Now I can't get rid of it. The document always opens with the Reviewing toolbar active and the document always shows 'Final Showing Markup', which means that it is always resized with a wide border. I have to reset it to 'Final' and get rid of the toolbar every time.

    Indeed, new documents also now show the toolbar and the same 'Final Showing Markup'.

    Try as I might, I can't find a buttom that turns track changes OFF. How do I get rid of the darn thing? It was useful in Word 2000, but seems uncontrollable in 2003.

    Thanks in desperation.


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    Re: Turning off track changes (Woord 2003)

    Track changes and comments are both controlled from the Reviewing toolbar, so the fact that the Reviewing toolbar is displayed (annoying as it may be - I agree with you there) doesn't imply that the document contains tracked changes.

    You can turn off the balloon display of comments and tracked changes in the Track Changes tab of Tools | Options... This will get rid of the extra wide margin.

    You can disable the Reviewing toolbar with a single line of code:

    Application.CommandBars("Reviewing").Enabled = False

    You could put it in a macro named AutoExec in your, so that the toolbar will be disabled each time you start Word, but even that will not help - Word has a nasty habit of reviving the toolbar when it thinks it is needed.

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